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Payson Proposition 401 and 402

Another questions from the round up.  Prop. 401 and Prop. 402.  Are you for or against the propositions? For one and not the other? Why or why not?  Do you think they will help or hinder town government? Here is the answer: As the author of the propositions, and the Chairman of the group that […]

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Fire Wise and Building Codes

More fun from the Roundup. What are your thoughts on Firewise? Would you support a Firewise ordinance? If yes, what would the ordinance include? If no, why not? I have been involved in the rebuilding process of numerous wildfires.  The most striking thing in burn areas is the seemingly random nature of the losses.  One […]

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Roundup Bio

Well, the round up will be doing Bios, various segments with candidates for counsel to seek their input on various issues.  Sounds like fun!   Round 1   Name: Jeffrey Scott Aal   Age: 53   Years in Payson: 5   Education: Bachelor of Arts, Political Science, Minor in Public Administration   Work experience:  Oil […]

Jeffrey Aal
Local Issues

The importance of citizen input

Why is citizen input important? Why is voting important?  We can likely all answer this similarly.  We can each do so without reading The Federalist Papers, or a single book by Alexis de Tocqueville.  Having a say, an opinion, having our thoughts taken into account for how our community, our state, our country operates is […]